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Book Clubs and Appearances!

I’ve had a great time this spring and summer talking to people about MOONFACE. Here are some images of all the fun!

Good eats and a great chat with the Sometimes-We-Read-The-Book Club in Finksburg, Maryland


A perfect setting for the Lake Linganore Book Club in New Market, Maryland


A lively conversation with the Greenview Book Club in New Market, Maryland


Signing Copies of MOONFACE for the amazing employees of Davita Dialysis in Annapolis, Maryland


CityLit Festival

This Saturday, April 16th, I’ll be speaking with the lovely Donna Hamilton from WBAL-TV at the CityLit Festival at the Enoch Pratt Free Library Central Branch. We’ll be on at 2:30, but the entire day is filled with wonderful literary events, including readings by Andrei Codrescu and Jaimy Gordon. Please come and check it out!

The NephCure Walk in Baltimore, Sunday April 10th

Know about The Nephcure Foundation? If you don’t, check them out here. They fund research for finding the cause of kidney disease, improving treatment, and finding a cure. This Sunday, we’ll be participating in The NephCure Walk here in Baltimore in an effort to raise more money for The NephCure Foundation.

If you can, would you please support us with a donation.


Greetings & Readings Signing, March 27

On Sunday, March 27, from 2:00-4:00pm, I’ll be signing copies of MOONFACE at Greetings & Readings at the Hunt Valley Towne Centre in Hunt Valley, MD. Please join me for this event, which is sponsored by the National Kidney Foundation of Maryland.

You can find more information about the signing here.

March is National Kidney Month

One of the best things about being on book tour and talking about MOONFACE is that I have the opportunity to meet some of the most amazing people in the world, including those who have struggled with or are struggling with chronic disease and who are still full of spirit and life.

For instance, while in Iowa, I crossed paths with Greg Cantwell and his wife, Lisa. Greg is a brain cancer survivor, and Lisa has been diagnosed with both Cystic Fibrosis and Diabetes. The couple has already gone through a lot, with a long road still ahead. Lisa is in the early stages of kidney failure and is currently on the waiting list for a kidney transplant.

In honor of National Kidney Month, I wanted everyone to read Greg and Lisa’s story. Particularly, I wanted to spread the word about Lisa’s need for a kidney. If, when reading this, you have any questions about living kidney donation, please email me.

You can read Greg and Lisa’s complete story over at Greg’s website. But I wanted to post Lisa’s story here, too.

By Greg Cantwell, from

My wife Lisa needs a kidney!!!   BLOOD TYPE O

Just a little background about Lisa. Lisa was born December 12, 1977 in Des Moines, Iowa. At birth, Lisa was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, a disease which affects her pulmonary and digestive systems. Lisa was in and out of the hospital all her life and continues to fight the disease today. In Lisa’s teenage years she was diagnosed with Diabetes as well. So in addition to managing her Cystic Fibrosis she has to manage her Diabetes which for the most part is under control. Skipping ahead, in early 2006, Lisa was diagnosed with liver failure which was caused by her Cystic Fibrosis. The doctors didn’t know how long her liver would last so they started a search for a living donor. During their search Lisa and her family found out that things were going downhill much faster than originally anticipated. She needed a liver and needed it now. Luckily Lisa’s mom’s best friend was a match and was willing to donate part of her liver to Lisa. Doctors transplanted part of Cindy’s liver into Lisa on January 10, 2007.  Thank God for Cindy the “Liver Giver”! Lisa spent roughly the next year after the transplant in and out of the hospital with multiple complications and another surgery.  Thankfully, she is much stronger and better now and has not been in the hospital all of 2010!

This past May Lisa found out that she was in the early stages of kidney failure. Lisa underwent a battery of tests which are required for getting on the transplant list. Lisa’s kidney function is below 30% now and is in need of finding a living donor. If you would like to find out more about Lisa and may be willing to donate a kidney please don’t hesitate to call or email me at 612-437-5903 or ,

I will then give you the Transplant Centers phone number and Lisa’s patient number which you will need.

Living Donation FactsQualifications for Living Donors

In order to qualify as a living donor, an individual must be physically fit, in good general health, and free from high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, kidney disease and heart disease. Individuals considered for living donation are usually between 18-60 years of age. Gender and race are not factors in determining a successful match, but donors must have a blood type compatible with the intended recipient.

Routine tests are also always performed to determine the potential donor’s level of physical and mental health, and compatibility with the patient awaiting a transplant.

Same Blood Type

Tissue Type



Lisa has two loving and caring parents, Steve and Sue, who would do anything for their kids. Over Lisa’s life Steve and Sue have spent months apart while caring for Lisa up to and after her liver transplant, and continue to support her when she asks today. Sue even left her job because Lisa’s treatment and hospital has been at the University of Minnesota and her parents live in Iowa. Lisa also has a sister, Ann and brother, Jeff who have offered support as well. In addition to her immediate family Lisa and her family have been blessed with many friends and outpouring of support through Lisa’s growing up. It is important to say that when you have a family member who is, for lack of a better word, fighting for their life, the entire family needs a support network and that is just what Lisa’s family had. Living in a small town in Iowa where everyone knows everyone has it’s benefits and the support that Lisa’s family received was incredible. I was witness to this support a number of times.

The first was when I planned a surprise 31st birthday party for Lisa in Minnesota. We had a full house of friends and family who drove from eastern Iowa to make it. Then, at our wedding, when Lisa walked down the aisle, there wasn’t a dry eye outside. After everything that Lisa has been through in her life she finally married a wonderful, caring, handsome, funny, intelligent, loving, giving … – at least that is how I feel. Just a little comic relief while you get some tissues.  I know it brought tears to my eyes just writing it. Haha. So our journey begins…….


MOONFACE at Barnes & Noble JHU

We had a great time with the National Kidney Foundation of Maryland, who accompanied MOONFACE to a reading at the Barnes & Noble Johns Hopkins Bookstore last week.

Now off to Iowa for a reading at Prairie Lights on February 23!

Photo by Andrew Tagoe

Signing copies with my niece Genevieve. Photo by Andrew Tagoe

A Wonderful Reading at Borders

Thanks to all who came out on a wintry evening last week to hear a reading of MOONFACE at the Borders in Timonium, Maryland. Not only did they brave the cold, but they bought out all of the store’s copies of the book! Thank you to the kind staff at Borders for hosting a lovely event!

Buyers grabbing their copies by the stackful!!

The Lovely Devin

Gorgeous Supporters of MOONFACE


It’s been a busy couple weeks, and as we wrap up things here on the East coast, I’m slowly catching up on my posts.

First, thanks to Jynelle Gracia and Sarah Courteau for hosting a lovely launch party for MOONFACE at The Saloon in DC on February 3rd. What a great way to kick off the book tour! Great friends, great venue,  and great dessert!

And, when you get a chance, click over to MEMOIRVILLE and check out my interview with Whitney Joiner.

More updates shortly. . .

MOONFACE is a PEOPLE magazine “Great Read”

PEOPLE magazine recommends MOONFACE as a “Great Read” in its February 14, 2011 issue (Halle Berry on the cover).

About the book, PEOPLE writes: “Girl meets boy, girl needs kidney, boy gives kidney. And now they’re happily married! It’ll restore your faith in humanity.”

MOONFACE is happy to be among the pages with Charlie Sheen and Snooki.


Check out this video and then read the article about MOONFACE in USA TODAY. Then purchase your own copy of MOONFACE, which goes on sale today, February 1! Thanks to Mary Brophy Marcus and Maxine Park at USA TODAY.